Darkest Nights

by Chelsea Hates Me



released November 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Chelsea Hates Me Elgin, South Carolina

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Track Name: As We Fall
Hold it down, be my gravity.
You'll never know what you meant to me.
What's the point when you live in misery?
I never know who I'm supposed to be.

Oh, how I love you. You're priceless to me.
Never was untrue like you were to me.
I had forgotten the taste of your kiss.
So I was rotten, but ignorance is bliss.

Preacher says I've lived a life of sin.
I don't care what my words mean to him.
You and I weren't meant to move from here.
You need me until you're all in the clear.
Track Name: Orphan
Holiday spent on my own. Depressing piece of shit I always was.
I'm the same as I ever was, moving towards a future just because.
I'll never change as much as you want. I'm stuck inside this loop with alcohol.
And my name has left my father's tongue, he left me in the state when I was wrong.

I'll only get to be here for a while.
Through all these years I doubt I've ever smiled.
Someone told me I would never feel the love
Of both my mom and dad when they have had enough.
I'm an orphan, parents still alive.

Another day spent on my own. Other people have a family.
But here I am, stuck all alone. Ask me who I'm with It's only me.
I'm a joke, don't be afraid to laugh. Please just refrain from laughing in my face.
I have to smoke cause that's all I have. It makes me feel like death, I love the taste.
Track Name: Picasso
How long before you wake me up?
My arms are sore, I can't get up.
You were the dream I had a few nights ago.
Pretty girl I've seen every day or so.

I've written the same song for every girl I've ever known,
To think you're different just implies you're more interesting than you have shown.
I'd say anything just to get you in my arms.
I barely sing for any girl who wants to give me her heart.
But girl you are a work of art.

In honesty all girls like you
Just want one thing, money to blow through.
You're on your back because you think I'll pay a lot.
I'm looking for a girl that's more than just another body.
Track Name: Darkest Nights
Keep it down, on an old street lamp.
Quiet down, let me be your man.
I love you every day I can.
Lose my footing like you are quicksand.

I was lost until you showed up.
I was home, I was feeling rough.
I have no hope, I'll never be alright.
With every bottle I have my darkest night.

I've tried my best to be a human.
I'm headed west even though I'm stupid.
Your right to yell, don't abuse it.
And I can tell that you've confused it.