Chelsea Hates Me

by Chelsea Hates Me



This was going to be a lot different, but I feel like I've said all that needed to be said for right now. Recorded with a crummy laptop microphone and all in one take. These songs mean a lot, so I figured I'd get them out no matter what happened.


released April 11, 2016

Brennen Monk (Album Art)



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Chelsea Hates Me Elgin, South Carolina

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Track Name: Vagabond
Fucked up with a little bit of life,
On the back porch not too worried for time.
Cuz I've always been the kid that was too worried for bullshit,
But I never really cared when it was something important.
Never go out because I'm always broke,
Smoke cigarettes until they make me choke.
I try to drink a little bit if just to pass the time,
It's never done shit, I guess it eases my mind.

I've gotten self-destructive since I left home,
I stare at the same four walls, I still feel alone.
I guess I've been this hateful towards you all along,
I guess I'm doing this wrong, I guess I'm doing it wrong.

Sometimes I see a problem with
The fact that I'm always on the same old shit.
I say "I'm too tired" and I never go out,
But never leaving my house is what I whine about.
Can't write anymore because I'm lost,
I stopped trusting people, but at what cost?
Because if I'm not fucked over, then these songs mean shit.
If I'm not fucked up, then I'm not the same kid.
Track Name: One Short of Missing You (52)
You are mine, or so you whisper in my ear.
Just close enough, just close enough for me to hear.
You fell right into line, your skin so close to mine.
Say one more word to ease my aching brain,
I'll lift my arms to shield us from the rain.

All my friends have moved away and left me here,
Alcohol has made my vision so unclear.
I slur my words and trip up my fucking stairs,
I feel alone and I am the only one that cares.
Just one more call to the ones that aren't around,
I gave my all to you, but where are you now?

Afraid to die, afraid to live a life like this.
Afraid to speak, afraid to live with loneliness.
It seems I've spent my time here in forced solitude,
I miss the days back home when I still had all of you.
What's my excuse? I have your numbers too.
I have complaints, but none of them for you.
Track Name: Complicated
Hell, I've got a problem. I can't keep missing you.
I've got better things to live for, and you just passed on through.
Did you want a reaction? I've got no time to spare.
Did you want me to fight it? I find it hard to care.

You are my disease,
I tried so hard to please.
Fairy will you come back?
I won't just beg for that.
Have you decided if you want me or if you want to be alone?

Cigarettes have caught me like my short breaths never could.
I thought we had a future when you promised me we would.
I swore I'd burn these pages of words wasted on you.
Will you stay tonight, dear? Or will you pass on through?

You are my disease,
I tried so hard to please.
Fairy will you come back?
I can't just beg for that.
It was for you I decided that I would leave my home.

You meant so much to me,
Caught up inside my dreams.
Fairy go away now,
So I can live without.
And now you're gone and you decided that you wanted to be alone.
Track Name: I Dream of You
I'd get married if I thought someone could like my company
For long enough to advance a relationship with me.
There's a certain point where everybody gives in,
and mine is now because I just can't fucking let myself win.
I was by myself on the roof of my parent's house,
I had two extra beers, and I thought of you before I tossed them out
Are you coming, are you coming to see me tonight?
Cuz I lost my ladder, and these heights I've reached just aren't feeling

You'd be a part of me if my plans could be set in motion.
I could work a shitty job if I thought I'd work hard enough for a
I'd pay the bills for us if you fell asleep next to me, dear.
I'd kill if I could have you here.

These are just dreams, I guess they're starting to fuel my nightmares
I just don't see the need to settle down, so I could come there.
That's my mistake 'cause long distance shit never works,
But two years later and I'm not over how bad you hurt.
Some guys complain because I don't sing about shit but you,
But damn I'm young, and can't remember the shit that I do.
Except for you, I tried sobriety a little too soon.
I'm still an asshole when I'm sober, I guess I might just be doomed.
Track Name: Tinkerbell
Trouble's found me, then so has she
Essence of my thoughts captured in her eyes.
Twinkle softly, don't forget me,
loved her first thing I'll leave by morning.
The question's I've been dying to ask
Will be answered in these photographs in the end.

I wish to see you, won't forget to
You haunt my dreams or so, so it might seem.
Dance to silence, hate my violence.
I swear I'll treat you as you deserve to
be. Here 'till you need to seek me out
It turns out that I was weak in the end.
Track Name: Tunica
Kick me off the doorstep, if you think that that will help.
Manipulative asshole, you call me but meant yourself.
It's been three years since I last saw you, and I wish I never had,
You haven't changed a bit, and it's made me rather sad.
I won't call you when I get out of this town,
You've pushed me too damn far, and I refuse to be brought down.
Here in the morning I'll be waiting on a bus,
I'll get out of here quickly, since I'm so dangerous.

I've half a mind to walk back home,
and leave you to die alone.
Because you haven't changed a bit, and I don't like that.
It's me and mine and you're not welcome,
I'm going back to where I'm come from,
You'll take this as a personal attack.
I'm fine with that.

I gave it one long month, and that's all the time I need,
To see that I was never meant to live in Mississippi
Dictators don't exist, at least not within my mind.
I'll stand by this opinion, because this opinion is still mine.
I'd rather end up homeless than in a house with you,
Where I'll spend my time alone, and stay up for a day or two
At a time where I'm in need of help, you'll offer me your hand,
But I'd rather do without, because it's you that I can't stand.